This quote feels like it was written for me. I try to be the nicest person, the one who surprises people when they swear and people ask them for advice. Which I suck at giving. Sometimes I think it’s me, I have friends, I just have this image in my head. This perfect friend. And it’s not fair to me, or the people around me, because I am judging them in my head, then disappointing myself when they come up short. Maybe it’s selfish, I know many people don’t have friends. Yet here I am feeling sorry for myself because I can’t seem to relate to the people around me. Maybe it’s not that I can’t relate to them, maybe I have a problem talking to them. Although, I know I am not shy no matter how many times I try to blame it on that. I could have a problem with talking about myself, but here I am ranting about my problems to the world. First world problems. Well, that’s a bit about me. Thanks for reading, honestly I have no idea what I am going to post.


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