Tomorrow: Another Beginning

Tomorrow is my first day of school! My school is weird and starts a lot earlier than others do. Although last year was my first year at this school,I am still nervous. Who isn’t nervous the day before school, and the first day of school for that matter? As I said in my last post, I am the nice person. Well, I try. I don’t know what’s going to happen, what will I say? Also, a lot of my teachers left last year. So, to add to my excitement and joy (not) I have to meet and get to know new teachers. And see how they changed the old rooms of some of my favorite teachers. During the summer I must of forgotten much knowledge……. And I am not the smartest as it is. I hope that I can be a good friend and stay out of all the drama (harder said then done). I also hope that anyone who is still in school has a wonderful first day and year! The first day of school always feels like a new year to me, more so than the first of January!


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