Let the Drama Begin!

I survived the first day of school! Well, it was a half day but still. Tomorrow the classes start and I am not looking forward to math. We have a new teacher, he has taught pretty much every math related collage courses you can teach. Calculus, trig and so on. But the thing is, we’re not even in collage! The reason for the tittle, and my tags, is dramatic girls. I am not calling those girls mean (just 1 so far) because that’s the way they see it. I am calling them dramatic because you don’t have to ignore the people you don’t see eye to eye with, talk with them about something else! You’ve been doing great the last how many years being best friends. I suppose I still haven’t gotten over the drama from last year. I try very hard at never getting into the drama and never choosing sides. Harder said then done. I have a real (hopefully) good friend who I side with if I have no choice. Another thing I put myself through is listening to people. Of course their are a few girls who ignore me, that’s fine I don’t like them either. But many people want someone they can rant to, someone who won’t tell anyone, a person they can talk to when no one else understands them. (Usually I don’t either, but I try). Ok, sorry this might have been boring, I am still trying to figure out what to post. If you have noticed I have made two pages, but I am confused. Can you add posts to them? I am sure you can, but how? If anyone could please comment me on how I would love that! 🙂 I have one (hopefully) more question. I would like to start posting more pictures, but mine are very boring. I have asked another wonderful account for help, but her suggestions are for the computer. I use an iPad mini. If anyone knows any good apps to add text and other photos to one big picture (sorry, I know I am not making much sense) I would also love that. Ideas too, would be great. If you would like, comment your ideas to make pictures more exciting! Just now I have realized something! I really am not the smartest……. Are pages just one page? Do you write one thing? You don’t post anything to them do you? Well……. That took awhile for me to figure out, I’ll have to work on that…….. Thanks for reading this confusing post, please comment if you have any questions.


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