Future Problems

You see I wasn’t always like this. So, worried, nervous, unsure. When I was younger I never wasted a thought on the future. I guess that, among many things, change as you grow older. Lately I have had this odd thought. That everything we do has been done before. Maybe not exactly the same way, but I felt/feel that nothing I do is original. I have been wanting to be an author for awhile now, at first I just wanted to write to create a story that makes people laugh or cry, to think of characters that people fall in love with. Now, I’ve been thinking that its the only thing that I am good at. I suck at spots and like them even less, math goes in 1 ear and out the other, I can’t remember all the scientific words and phrases. Writing on the other hand has always been something I enjoyed, my classmates say that I should write a book, I tend to write a lot. For example, recently we had a creative writing assignment, I didn’t know we where supposed to write only 3 paragraphs. I wrote 3 pages. And now I am worrying about collage. Do I really want to write? Constantly? Am I good enough? Which collage will I go to? What will I study? I know I just need to wait and it will come to me and all of that yahoo. But it’s not bad to think ahead is it? So, I still don’t know what I will post on this blog. Lately it has been diary posts and pictures. I like the pictures, I don’t know what else to do. šŸ™‚


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