Word of the Day! Day 3

Definition: (noun) An ornamental jeweled headdress signifying sovereignty.
Synonyms: crown
Usage: Standing upright within the chariot was a beautiful girl clothed in flowing robes of silver gauze and wearing a jeweled diadem upon her dainty head. Discuss.


This was the free dictionary’s word of the day, but i’ve never heard of this word so I decided to use it too. Hey, I may be expanding your vocabulary. So yesterday I got a keyboard for my mini ipad and it is so cool! It feels like i have my own mini laptop! I took a lot of pictures today on a hike so I will work on making those interesting enough to post, I have a few ideas for them so I am hoping those will turn out well…… Have any of you heard of the board game munchkin? Well, really its a card game but we bought the board game version. Anyways I won the game agains my dad,my friend’s dad and brother as well as their annoying friend. Ha! And I sort of tricked my friend to win, a plus! Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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