Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember

One of my first memories is of being in California at Disney Land. I was about 5, and watching the parade. While squatting……… And eating one of those chocolate Mickey Mouse heads. I have chocolate all over my mouth. I think that this is a picture that I have seen in one of my mothers many albums, for me its the only memory that I remember. I am laughing, the parade is going past me. I had a good spot, right in the front. The princess, and all the other older characters of disney are going past on floats. I think Ariel’s was my favorite, her tail was cool (to a 5 year old) and the float was nicely made. Ariel was on the top of a wave, that famous poise from the movie, and the wave has all these colors mixed in, blue, green, white and gold. And it was really tall (for a squatting 5 year old). I also remember the Lion King float, the lion costumes scarred me. In this picture memory, I have this purple hat with all the princess on them. Have you guys seen toy stores, or that section of target? There are some seriously cool toys! Nerf guns, huge doll houses and somewhat realistic action figures! I know that I am a childish person, but still! I was deprived of all these awesome toys! Anyways, this is a 10 minute writing challenge. 34, 33, 32…….. I am working on my writing. Thats all that I remember of my childhood, I have the worst memory ever!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember

  1. Looks like you remember very well, I loved parades of any kind as a child. I lived in a small town so they were rare and special, I never was fortunate enough to go to a Disney parade.

    1. Thanks! It is the weirdest thing, I have the worst memory, but when ever I think about my earliest memories, I think of that one. I live in a pretty small town too. The only parades we have is the 4th of July parade. My grandparents live in California and we saw the parade on a trip seeing them. Also, I think that this might have been a photograph that I saw once and always remembered it. 🙂

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