Secret Hiding Places

Most, not all (I was among that category until recently), have secret hiding places. Places where they go when the world is being too hard on them. Places where some can read and think. I have a place that is not at all secret, in fact it is private property. In front of the entrance is a sign that says it’s private property and that trespassers will be….. removed? I can’t remember the exact words but you get what I am saying, right? Although it says that everyone who lives around uses it as a hiking trail. It’s practically dead all year round, the long grass wilted, lift out of the ground like fingers. There is the itching grass, and dirt. Not the prettiest scene. Once you walk for a little way, past the dirt and gravel paths, past the road with cars whizzing past, you get to a hill. After climbing the steep hill not only are you breathless but your are also looking at a view of a lake. Well, it’s not really a lake, its man made……. On sunny and windy days (like today) their is sail boats. I am surprised how fast they go. I ride my skateboard their and sit on it and look out at the water. I usually go later in the day, when the sun is setting and casting a bright and blinding reflection on the water. My place is by more of the dead finger grass, they shake when the wind hits them, it sounds like soft clapping. A rattling noise. I am really not good at describing things. Anyways this post is dedicated to all of the secret places that people have, places where you listen to your heart beat and think. Or you don’t think at all. Thats what happened today, it felt nice to have a blank mind. I feel that I have been worrying too much, I always seem to be worrying. Its always been like this. I am a worrier. I read, a lot. And I learned that many people have hiding places. I was younger, and felt left out. I didn’t find my place then. I found it when I was angry and mad at myself, I had to get away. Away from my house, away from my overbearing parents, annoying siblings and responsibilities. I had to escape life. I saw the sign and felt the danger and then jumped over the sign. I felt at peace. I hope that everyone finds their certain secret hiding places! 😉


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