What Happened to Best Friends Forever?

Best friends, tricky words. But it didn’t always seem that way. No one stays with their first best friend, not from my experiences. I guess she wasn’t my first best friend, no, I still know my first. So, this post is about my second best friend…….. We used to see each other everyday, it was weird when we didn’t. We lived down the street from each other, we meet each other in the middle of the street after calling to see if the other was home. It was so long ago I can’t remember the things we did. But I know that we had fun and were always busy. We did everything together, we pretended that we were sisters. And we looked like we were, I used to always wish it was true. Suddenly we were getting bored and their wasn’t anything to do together. So we stayed at home, and didn’t call each other. Around that time I started to read manga (Japanese comic books) and was reading more books, I would rather do that then call her. I knew that we would just end up asking what the other wanted to do, and no one had the answer. We drifted. We, I, didn’t know think that was the end. How was I supposed to think that? I was young and the one of the only people who really knew me, didn’t anymore. The next year we didn’t invite each other to our birthday parties, or to Christmas parties or to do anything. Every time I saw her it was like being shot in the heart. To this day I blame myself. If I hadn’t gotten sucked up into my books and gotten over myself and called her, we would still be best friends. I wouldn’t hang on to my sorta friends words, the ones who go to the same school as her, trying to hear about her. I wouldn’t get mad at myself for not being a better friend, one who would have been her friend and not all the fakes she hangs out with. Sometimes when I think of the future, I think of the planes we had made. We were going to go to the same high school, collage, marry brothers and buy big houses. We were going to do everything together. She was going to become a big actress and I was going to be a vet that saved many animals lives. Than I learned that vets sometimes have to put animals “down” and who knows what happened to her dreams. I went to a private school and she went to public. She moved to a nice house far away and I am still her in this small house with my siblings screaming in the other room. Things change. I would know.


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