Information on me, because you obviously haven’t had enough!

I had a plan for todays’s post but I didn’t feel like writing it, funny it was going to be a word of the day. The word was procrastination….. Yep, I am a big procrastinator, but who isn’t? We all have those days where we just don’t want to do anything. But I won’t rant about that today, I’ll save it for tomorrow. I am a fangirl and proud. I just spent the whole weekend reading, first the City of Lost Souls and I just finished Fallen by Lauren Kate. It’s a series, I think I am going to drag my parents to the library to get the next 3 books……. So, when people think of me, they think of my nose in a book. My schoolmates (notice I didn’t say friends, I have a few friends at school but this sentence or 2 doesn’t involve them) think of me as a person who tries too hard at school (in their eyes, in mine I don’t try hard enough), is responsible (ha!), and never swears. This past week was hilarious, person after person kept telling me, “you know, you don’t swear. I have never heard you swear.” My best friend and I just look at each other. I swear, maybe not all the time but I do swear. I just use my vocabulary in better ways to express my feelings. I swear when I loose things, which happens ALL OF THE TIME. Not a day pasts when I don’t ask where something is. I loose my phone, glasses and book most of the time. Practically my most important objects. It drives my parents crazy, they refuse to help me now. Which sucks because I also am terrible at finding things. Go figure. What does that saying even mean, did I use it correctly? I am just writing this because I don’t want to work……. Hope you guys all had a great weekend and thanks for reading my ranting!


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