Screwed up Earth

We all know that the Earth is pretty screwed up now. We blame global warming and all that on the factories and other things like that. My science teacher said that it was the generation before us, high schoolers and this generation, has turned it into what it is today. Sorry that this is so opinionated and mean. That generation grew up with parents that knew they had to take of the Earth, they went through the Great Depression and so on. Then their kids think of plastic and other 1 use items. Plastic is pretty terrible, but it’s everywhere. They are handing us, the next generation a messed up Earth and if we don’t fix it than we leave it to our kids in even worse quality. How long can this go on? We are going to run out of the time for the “next generation.”

I may be young but I am still asking, what the hell are we going to do? Sure a quarter of us can recycle all we want but we need a real change, a law saying we have to recycle, something that will motivate people. This problem with Earth may not exactly make effect us but are we going to do exactly what our parents did? I am not saying that everyone has hurt the Earth, maybe it was the generation before our parents and the adults in the world, but still. We need to solve this problem. But what can we do?

I am sorry if this insults anyone, if you have any ideas on this topic please comment me!


2 thoughts on “Screwed up Earth

  1. The only hope we currently see are potential scientific advances alleviating the effects of a species that is unanimously both apathetic and willfully ignorant.

    A good post, HAPPY PERSON 370. If you edit in a few paragraph space lines, it will become more enticing for your readers to finish. Warm regards.

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