Cafe Calm

Cafe’s are perhaps one of the very best places to be. In the few that I have been too there has always been something very calming too them. The jazz music in the back round, the faint hum of conversation and the wonderful taste of coffee! I rode my bike to town, under the hot beating sun and behind slow Japanese tourists to get here. Well worth it.

I am not the best people person, I don’t like to be under pressure, thats why I find it hard to order anything. I hate the moment you have to go to the cash register talk to the worker and than handle out the money. I get nervous when I handle out money, I don’t like to work with small bills or coins. Takes to long and in my mind the line is getting long and people are talking about how long I am taking. In cafes it is no better, I stand to the side decide what I want to order and than tell the worker as fast as I can. But its great after I have my drink and am sitting down.

I have a goal. I will come every weekend, when I am not too terribly busy, and order a different drink. Today I go something called a Funky Monkey, I have no idea what is made of but I like it. Next week I am going to try one of the mochas. I might also try one of their many desserts, have you noticed that cafe’s have the best desserts? Think of Star Bucks, I bet everyone has one of those near by, the delicious muffins, cake pops, and other sugary products. Although I do worry about my weight, hard not too. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and has the chance to go to a cafe or coffee store!!!!

Dang, just learned that I have to ask the cash register person for a wifi code……. Wish me luck. Not that you will know until I get it……


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