Friend Worries, not like my other posts!

My best friend and neighbor, told me something and I am not sure what to think. So, apparently someone hacked into her email and told her other friends that she was suicidal. Well, she’s not, she is the most confident person I know. She is always telling me how to be cool, as if I ever would be, and her general attitude would leave people thinking she is stuck up. She sorta is but she is also very nice and caring. Now she is working on telling everyone that what the hacker said was wrong, she isn’t. After she left, my mom who she also told and is a counselor, asked me if we should be worried. What if she made this up as a plea for help? And I was wondering, how would I know? She may be my best friend but I have no idea what is happing in her head, it must be a zoo. She thinks of the weirdest things and I just look at her…….. So now I am a little worried about her, she would never ask for help. Maybe this is her only way? 😦 Another one of my best friends said that he though people who commit suicide are selfish, of course their are people who love them and are now hurt and heartbroken. I guess thats one way to see it, I don’t. I think it is a last resort, sometimes people fell like they are alone. I have felt like this many times but never suicidal. I think that people can be pushed to the breaking point, a dark place and death seems like the only escape. They would be feeling tormented. Too the point that they may think that they are not loved or that this is the best for their loved ones. That they are not good enough. I am sorry if I have insulted anyone, this is what I think would be going through their heads. One more day until the weekend! I, however, have Friday off! Some holiday, not sure if its a town thing or country wide. So everyone have a Good Friday!!!


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