Inspired Mood!

Today was one of those great days where you feel ready to take on the world. Although it never lasts its great for that time period! I have always wanted to be artistic, even though I lack any talent. My mom and grandma are wonderful artists, I obviously didn’t get any of their genes. (Refer to my painted iPad) But today I actually wanted to try drawing. For the longest time I have been trying to draw realistic people, the ones that make some Instagram accounts famous. I decided to not try and fail a face, instead a drew some scene. I liked it, it was that type of mood. We went to the bookstore today and I looked at the art books. A door has opened into a whole new side of drawing, I looked past the “how to draw bodies” books and was amazed…….. Dang, that sounds really sappy. The amazing books included, an urban sketching book, a zen doodling and something that might be the same, zen tangle. I also looked at a street art book and that was really cool. You have to give artists props, they really create something amazing! I will look for some zen whatever art pictures to post. And I made a pintrest account, instant addict. So, I will put together my favorite pictures from their too. Have a good rest of your Friday!


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