Safe Haven Friend

For most of my life I have been told that 7th grade is the worse. Girls become female dogs, boys become even bigger jerks. And for some it is their first year of a new school. Mine wasn’t that bad. When I think back to it I wonder if I forgot something. It was painless, other than the homework… And the teacher had a temper. Other than that mine was pretty good.

I blame the painlessness of it all on my best friend. He is a total nerd, obnoxious and arrogant. But he saved from the other girls. He pisses me off constantly but I never had to try to change myself for him. I think that if we never became friends I would have become a fake, one of those girls EVERYONE hates. And I don’t think that I thank him enough for that.

In 7th grade (other wise known as the Stone Age) my group included 4 nerd boys and me. Luckily the next year one of the girls came to her senses so I wasn’t alone. I mean I never was alone, my best friend never left me alone. With that girl I could talk about other stuff and really relate to someone. So overall I survived 7th grade, surprisingly.

My best friend was a safe haven, that I never would have survived without.

Thank you and welcome to all my new followers! Sorry, this post was written in a nervous haze. I want to impress you guys, but I don’t know how. So I ramble. I learned that you guys like art (my last post got a lot of likes), so I will try to find creative post ideas! Have a great Monday, as impossible as that is.


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