Girl’s Day Out!

This weekend is going to be great! I hope……. Two of my school friends and I are going out to the mall (how mundane!)seeing a movie, and……. shopping! (Shocker) I am freaked out, I’ve never really gone out shopping with friends. I mean I’ve gone to the bookstore with my fellow nerds, but this is clothes (who does that?) with girls!!!! (The horror) I am not the smallest person……… Anyways do you guys know what came out today? CITY OF BONES!!!!! (Aaaaaaah!!!!!!) I hope I convinced a few of you guys to go out and see it, sadly I have to wait until the weekend to see it! I don’t know how I will survive! I am trying to convince the other girls to see it, I know I will fangirl…… I don’t want them to think I am a even bigger weirdo than I am……. Whatever! FANGIRL AND PROUD!!!! Although they didn’t seem to really want to see it…… My persuasive powers need some work. But I will see that movie!

Lately I have been getting blogger’s block, I don’t know what to post. Bring the rambling out! Hope everyone has a great rest of their week and see’s City of Bones! (Aaaaahhhhhhh! Fangirling)


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