The Adventures of the Weekend

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t post over the weekend, it was a bit crazy. Oh, but I know that you were SO worried about me in society. (Ha) Well, I survived! (Just barely) It was very awkward, although I am in many situations where no one knows what to say, it never stops being awkward. You never really get used to it.

I am hoping that it was just because it was our first time going out together. That next time (if their is) we will know how to fill in the silences. I also try to put the blame on the fact that her older sister was there and that they kept whispering, the other girl and I didn’t really know what to say to each other. I am not normally a very social person…. Well, if you didn’t know me you would think that I was Miss Social. I suppose that I may seem that way. The truth is that I really don’t know what to say. I am good at making compliments, putting myself down so that the other person feels good about themselves. But I don’t really know how to keep a conversation going. I have always been the odd person out. Sort of their, sort of not. It’s like I am a small circle among the other big social group circles. Touching the surface but somehow separate and not quite fitting with the other bigger circles.

Also my house has turned into a death trap. Something went wrong with my neighbors wall, and since our houses are very close and connected, their is now a hole in our wall with mold going into the air. Well, I don’t know what is in the air but I know that It smells terrible and it is very hard to breath when you are in the living room. Which is the most used room in my house. I have basically done what I have always done and locked myself in my room with the music loud and the air conditioner on. But it is suffocating leaving my den and getting a drink of water. And it was the weekend, movies? I sadly don’t have a T.V in my room and we had to turn off the other one in the living room. My parents do have one though, but we only watched high pitched cartoons for my younger siblings……..

I survived all of that! (barely) Have a good week and a hopefully short Monday! (Why can’t it be friday already? Where did I put my coffee?)


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