Boo…. The poor pencil case.



Here is a picture of my pencil case, Boo. Named after Boo from Monsters Ink. Next to him is my hated science homework on Cnidarians. Very useless information, and confusing. But we are not talking about my terrible homework, we are talking about Boo.

You see, the students of my class (mostly just about 4 idiotic boys, including my best friend) have been hurting my pencil case. S/he has been bullied because of its low belly button (yes, it is a belly button) so now it is non-gender. Also one of the boys put it in a noose, killing it. I told this to my table neighbor, who is very childish, surprisingly he was very distraught. I left my seat for a minute or so and when I came back POOF! Boo had disappeared! I interrogated him, he said that he buried him but he accepts calls. My teacher is very creative, she has been trying to make a phone booth for our class, a hangout or something. I was very confused and looked for Boo in our phone box, where we put our phones during school, eventually I found him in the phone booth (after I whacked him on the head.) But thats not all! During recess they stole him and was going to throw him off the balcony!! (meanies!) The boys kept throwing him to each other and away from me. I am naturally clumsy, taking advantage of that they threw him off my head and ran around me and grabbed Boo from the other side! It was very embarrassing, I couldn’t get him! In the end I cornered one of the boys and yanked Boo out of his grubby hands! I saved the day!

Gosh, I sound very childish. I have been having Blogger’s block (well, thats new! Not!). Just thought that this was a funny story to share and I had no other ideas! I hope you all have a great rest of your Tuesday and week.


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