Street Art Link!

Here is a cool link to a wonderful world of amazing art! Can you imagine creating such a large and public piece of art? I know that I couldn’t! Some people are so talented. Makes you feel envious!

Ahhhhhh! I am at the Starbucks by my school and there was somebody from my school! And they were watching me and being the idiot that he is. It made me feel so nervous! His eyes were burning holes into me! I have to deal with them all day and at coffee time? (I don’t have this wondrous time everyday!) I was just sinking in my seat! And this is my 3d time writing this! My Internet keeps crashing and the Starbucks is supposed to give free wifi! I am pissed off at my iPad and at the stupid classmate. School was rough, in a bad mood! But sometimes the world seems to be closing in on you. People just need to mind their own business and keep their burning holes eyes to them selves! I am weird and different, don’t try to change me or make me feel bad about myself. I wish people would stop staring, the adults around me right now keep giving me mean glances!!! Yeah, I am taking a whole table for me and my heavy backpack, problem?

Hope you guys have a great Thursday and just 1 more day until the weekend!


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