13 Random Things About Odd Me

Hmmm…. Thought this would be a fun post! šŸ™‚ I’l try to think of some odd things….

1.) I am reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver, liking it so far.

2.) I am wearing yellow butterfly earrings on and I have 2 ear piercings (the other is a small diamond)

3.) A teacher I don’t really know said she was proud of me today because of my student council speech

4.) I try not to swear and think of some other way to put my vocabulary to use

5.) I love the show Once Upon a Time, although I can only watch it on Netflix sense I don’t have cable!

6.) I have really bad eyesight and wear green and purple glasses that are slightly too big

7.) I put hand sanitizer on and now it’s giving me a headache (too sweet!)

8.) I have an iPhone 4 with a black case with feathers on it

9.) I have a B- in English which makes me sad because I feel that I deserve better, I am working on getting it bumped up to the A range

10.) My favorite food is pasta

11.) I work hard on trying to wear nice clothes but its either too hot outside to wear anything nice or I don’t have anything nice to wear. Again I wish I lived in a place I could wear ankle boots.

12.) I have never seen snow, I live in a state that has no seasons. Just sunny for most of the year and about 3 or 4 months of rainy season.

13.) I have always spell their wrong, I even spelled it wrong as I was writing this. I always seem to write thier

There we go! Have a good Monday, and just think, 4 more days until the weekend!


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