Bookworm Problem

I think you all know by now that I am a total bookworm. Lately, I have been having a hard time finding my next obsession.

I have been reading a few great books recently. But I have never wanted to read the sequel….. The thing is I read the book in a few days and than decide that I don’t really want to know what happens next. It hasn’t grabbed or interested me. This is quite a problem.

My current obsession is Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I am really liking it so far! It has everything I love in a book, romance, awesome characters and it is about the future. I like books that take a bit of the reality we know and then turn it into something completely different. In this book love is called a disease. I only have one problems with the book. Lauren describes everything, I mean I love that but enough is enough. Sometimes there are pages without any action or communication, just describing every last detail. She is an amazing writer, teleports to another world. But I want more communication and action!

The second book, Pandemonium is already sitting on my desk waiting to be read. I hope I find the inspiration to do that. I never force myself to read a book. Well, I guess I have to when I am reading school books. And sometimes a book has a slow beginning and then you “accidentally” flip through the pages to see if it becomes good. It does, so you keep reading. I don’t know if anyone ever does that, but I always find myself frantically going through the pages to see if they find each other again. I get caught up in the moment and ruin the surprise. Although, I never mind. I am just glad that they do meet each other again.

So, does any one have any good book obsessions they can recommend? I have Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell on my list. 🙂 Please comment some good books!


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