The Mysterious (and unknown) World of Fashion

For a long time I thought that I something was wrong with me. That somehow I had missed the boat for being a girl. Every other girl around me knows how to put their hair in a perfect bun and other hairstyles. And the blogs that I am following in love with are about fashion which I have no sense of. Well, I think I might have a little taste of it but I don’t have the clothes that are part of the perfect outfit. Or its to hot. I probably said this before, it sounds familiar. I always had a bad memory…..

I was never the girl who sat patiently as another girl braided it or did something fancy. I was also never did the fancy stuff. I sat in the comfiest chair in the room and read fantasy books and comic books. Marvel’s X-Men is my favorite. I never wore the right clothes. I wore what was comfortable and what I could climb in. I loved climbing trees but I was always a little freaked out while climbing down. I love heights but at the same time they frighten me, but usually they are the best views.

I have been feeling lately like I have missed the boat on fashion. I am constantly frustrated at myself for wearing tank tops and shorts, which I am wearing at the moment. I want to live somewhere were I can wear cute dresses with tights and scarves. I love jackets! Long sleeved shirts are my favorite, all my dream styles include them. And ankle boots with tights. Unfortunately I live on a melting rock. I swear when I grow up I am moving to Oregon, I love the rain.

Now, my hair is bothering me. Its to hot to do anything but have it in a pony tail. And I have difficult hair. My boy-friend tells me everyday that I should brush my hair. I will shoot him one day. If only he knew, and everyone else who stares at my hair too long, that I try! I flat iron my rat’s nest of hair and try to put stuff in it. So, I am cutting it. I don’t want it to be a pixie cut or anything but I want it different. I also want to buy a new wardrobe, but what girl doesn’t?

These are pictures of what I think is cute:



Those boots! XD If anyone has any fashion suggestions, fashion blogs you love please comment them! I will, WILL! Find myself a fashion sense.
And what do you think of these hairstyles:



Have a good Thursday and only 1 more day until the weekend!


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