Pinterest 7!

Pinterest 7!

Hi guys! How was your week? Overall, mine was pretty good! Okay, explaining time! The key: I want to start a collection of antique keys. The ones found on necklaces and in the movie, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life. He has to find a bunch of keys to open a box that his dad left to him before he died. While watching the movie I was envious of the keys! I love antique keys. The quote is…… Explanatory. The doodles: The reason I put so little pictures was because I wanted them big! So that you could see them! Aren’t those doodles the cutest? I’ve decided that drawing girls and fashion or whatever I was trying is pointless. I will never be as good as I what I imagine in my head. And thats ok. Doodling makes me happy, when trying to draw girls I was always frustrated. Now I am happy! And these go nicely with the quote.

Have a good weekend!


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