AAAhhhhh!!!! My hair….. ITS SO SHORT! It’s above my shoulders,I can’t even put it in a pony tail! I am sorta freaking out……. But I wanted a change. I got a change! I feel more sophisticated, more stylish.

The only reason I am not posting a picture is because I like being slightly anonymous, mysterious. I like that this blog, you guys, don’t really know me. Just know that I have glasses, hazel-blonde-brown SHORT hair, but not pixie-cut short. And that I am really tall……

While my hairdresser was going snippety snip snip! To my hair, I was thinking, why in the world am I doing this? I want to be different. But I don’t know how to be. My hair was the only thing I could change. My style and living situation are going to take time. It took about 20 minutes for my hair to be cut. Instant change-o! I really like it, an added bonus is that my mom doesn’t. She likes long, straight and prim and proper. Hair at least, she and I both have crazy personalities, but she is leaning toward the insane side!

I wonder what they will say at school. I am excited! Just imagine stepping out of the car, Phineas and Ferb (my brother’s favorite, we have to have it playing or else he yells!)blasting from the car. I come late usually, its hard to drag me from my bed, so a lot of people will see me! I know I will be anxious on Monday morning but for now I am excited! To the people who don’t know me well, (all of them except for 3 people), will be shocked. Miss All A’s (except 1 darn B+ in English) has short hair? Miss No Surprise, surprised us? *Mind blown, world explodes.*

Have a good day, and be careful. The world may explode on Monday morning…


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