Camping,invisibility and broken, small houses! (Oh my!)

Hey guys! Sorry, this week has been hectic! As you can see from my tittle (Can you even see it all? I am in a confused mode that just needs to be figured out.) This will probably be a long post, prepare yourselves!)

I went camping. Not sure if I should say YEAH! Or, OH NO! SAVE ME NOW! My class went on a bus ride that felt like hours until we were at the camp grounds. Yellow-ish, orange-ish (that in between color) cabins (infested with mice!) with half dead grass and wood structures going up 40 feet in the air. There was bunk beds, this one I know. OH DEAR! CAN I HAVE THE TOP BUNK OR MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE THE BOTTOM, I MIGHT FALL IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AND SPLIT MY HEAD OPEN. I was under one of my good (or…) friends, I decided to go with my second reasoning. Girls and boys were split up, thank goodness, but that didn’t stop them from coming in. Ok, this getting too long. Food was good, the buildings looked like drab school structures but if you turned your head and didn’t mind the dead grass, you saw the beautiful blue glittering ocean. Now, the 40 feet “creative” death trap. Well, the best way to explain it is, tightrope walking, 40 feet in the air. With a harness. One time I was going backwards… I was scared to death. I even chickened out on the second level, there was 2. I did the one with the zip line. Yeah…. so thats what I did for the past 3 days.

Invisibility is an amazing superpower, that I seem to have mastered! It seems that I always find myself outside of the group. I have friends, I love them- don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it feels like there is a wall between us. One of my friends feels like she is drifting away from me (that sounds familiar!), and I don’t know what to do. She seems down. But I am the worst with words, I say all the wrong things at the wrong times. I make everything worse. A klutz (is that how you spell it? Spell checked, I hope its not some weird word with a different meaning, that happens to me too many times.) with words and my feet. And my other friend is fighting his own battles. Ones I only make worse. I am trying to convince him to have a blog, I am even designing one for him! This blog has helped me, and I have something to look forward too! Writing and reading blog posts! And my blogosphere friends, who know so little about me yet always seem to have the right words. Thanks! Anyways, back to my superpower! I can be in a group, yet no one sees me. I can say something, and no one hears me! When will Professor X come and find me? I once did an experiment, 2 (different) friends of mine were walking ahead of me, talking, I was behind them. I stopped walking, if they didn’t see me than I really would be magic! The experiment was a success (why does it feel like a failure?), I have the ability to turn invisible! And to think that I had lost the ability, I thought my new school, new friends had mutant minds and could see past my powers (faults). I was wrong, but I know that it is my own fault. I don’t know what I say, I know I spend too much time reading, but can’t I have a friends who never looses interest in talking with me? I know I am boring and I know that we will spend time away from each other. I love my new school friends, and since 1 might start reading this, and because I don’t want you guys to think I hate them, I love them. I have never laughed so much. I know you are fighting your own battles (and that I am spelling this wrong and driving you crazy), don’t put me in the front of your mind. Please figure yourself out and don’t pity me. And don’t hate me, I am sorry for the things I say and how they come out wrong. Don’t hate yourself. I am just like Olives (a stupid boy’s name who says my hair is like a witches, he hasn’t said anything about my new hair!) Most things I say are not meant to be taken seriously, this is. Gosh this is long!

The reason I didn’t write this post, or to tell that I was going camping, is because my house is small and stupid. I think I mentioned in another post how one of my neighbors walls broke and ruined our wall.Well the construction guys had to rebuild our floors and our walls. It stunk for a month and when they worked we had to take the computers and the Wifi out. I can’t write posts on my phone so I had no way to write to you guys, sorry.

Hope you guys had a good week! I have a lot of blog posts to catch up on! And a blog to make, I will send you guys a link, if he wants me too. This post might make him hate me, I hope it doesn’t. (Sorry if I am a stupid pid.)


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