Another one of those Fall posts

Hey guys! I have been inspired by the great many fall posts I have seen. I know that I have made it perfectly clear, many times, that I live in a place without any other seasons than too hot and too rainy. I like the too rainy season, which is about late fall and winter.

Anyways, this fall is very important. Especially October, and not only because of Halloween. Actually, the 22nd is pretty important… You guys should know this by now! Allegiant! It comes out in 22 days!!! I can not wait to read this book, and see the movie even though it comes out next year. Also I was recommended an amazing book! Fangirl! I loved it, and now can’t wait to read Rainbow Rowell’s other books. Eleanor & Park as well as Attachments! In fact, one of my favorite blogs has started a virtual book club! Their first book is Attachments! You can join the fun HERE! And yes, Sarah from that awesome blog taught me how to make it all fancy! Thanks! I need to find that book!


I love Starbucks, its hard not too. I am not usually a big risk taker with my drinks, I get what I know I like. One day I decided to just go without, the name sounded promising. Pumpkin spice. It was heaven. Latter my sister, yes the most annoying person in the world, wanted to get the Pumpkin Scone. I think that is my favorite dessert now. It is hard to describe that first bite… I suggest, over and over, these 2 wonderful Fall treats to anyone who likes pumpkin. Usually I don’t like pumpkin, these changed my mind. I double suggest them to anyone who doesn’t like pumpkin, I promise these will change your mind.

1-DSC_2052 Screen shot 2012-10-06 at 2.49.51 PM


Ok…. I think I might get boots. I love them, they just make every outfit cuter! Even if I live in an oven. I am going definitely shopping, even if I don’t get boots! Forever 21 has my Fall wardrobe! I usually wear shorts and cute, but not distracting or attracting shirts. Instead of getting a costume this year I think I am just going to try some crazy fashion style. One that I like but don’t have the confidence to ever wear, no one will think I am crazy on Halloween. It probably will involve some cute boots… And long skirts…. I will post a picture of my outfit… And me!

Have a good week and Fall! I have Fall break before most!!!! No kids for almost half of the day!!!





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