Smoothie Adventure!


Compared too….


Well…… I chose the top one! I am a huge smoothie fan! Except I only ever try what I like, strawberry and banana or banana and peanut butter… Yeah, I am not the most adventurous one but I get a good snack that I know that I will like! Today I decided to try something new! (Uhoh…) In my defense the picture looked good so I thought that I could replicate it. It’s not too bad, just a little tasteless, I think I put too much milk. I guess thats what happens when you don’t want to measure…

I like my smoothie! My 6 year old sister on the otherhand…. We had a very interesting conversation over the smoothie.
sis me

Are you sure there is no strawberries?

I already told you that there was no strawberries

*Thinks hard about this. Gives me a funny look.*

You know, you can’t just put sugar in it.

What are you talking about? I did not put sugar in it.

Yeah you did! It’s right here!

*Comes over and shows me.*

There is no sugar, I made the smoothie, I should know. Thats cinnamon.

Cinnamon? I hate this smoothie.

No, there was no point in that conversation or this post. Thanks for reading it anyways! Here is the recipe for the smoothie, hopefully you have better success then I did! I’d love to see your final results! Have a good rest of your Wednesday and week! 🙂

Recipe Here!


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