Pinterest 9!

Pinterest 9!

Here is number 9! I can’t believe it’s only 9, I feel like I have made much more than that! Okay, to the tour part! On the left you will see an assortment of rings, I am a ring enthusiast! I love outfits with a lot of rings. Just today I added 3 new middle/knuckle rings to my collection! I am so excited! They include a silver cat, gold feather and a gold “hope” ring! I’ll take a picture one of these days and show you guys! Next is the Royals lyric, that is 1 of my favorite songs! I like Lorde’s voice. The society 1 explains itself… It’s pretty true, you just have to learn to avoid those type of people (the judgey kind). And I just cracked up at the Grumpy Cat picture! XD I find much amusement in funny animal pictures, particularly cat ones.

Have a good Friday and weekend!


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