A list inspired by Lincoln’s (Well, Sam’s really) from the book Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. Which is the first book for the Duck and the Owl’s and Fox and Rook’s Forest Friends Book Club. Go find the book and join the fun!


1. School, same as Lincoln

2. Reading

3. Writing (hopefully)

4. Dreaming big

5. Making lists and plans

6. Forgetting the plans that were made

7. Forgetting things in general, like why I walked into a room.

8. Getting moved by books and movies

9. Fangirling

10. Tripping on flat surfaces

11. Being lazy

12. NOT running

13. Taking notes

14. Listening

15. Typing

16. Losing important things, like my glasses that I don’t know where they are at the moment.

17. Falling in love with fictional characters

18. Being awkward

19. Getting distracted

20. Eating

21. Breathing

I suggest that everyone try this! Not only does it make you think optimistically about yourself, but it kinda makes you understand yourself better. Mostly the first point. And in Lincoln’s case, finding your major! I am really enjoying Attachments, come and join the club by getting the book and reading up to chapters 27 by Friday. Don’t worry the chapters are short. 🙂 Sorry, I sound crazy right now! I am in a good mood for no apparent reason and its nice! I just love these moods! Have a great Saturday and week! I think this is officially Fall Break, so enjoy it! 😀


11 thoughts on “THINGS I AM GOOD AT:

  1. Hmmm… we may be distantly related. I can never find anything, and I usually trip on flat surfaces while looking for those missing things. Keys, phone, glasses… yup. So glad you’re book clubbin’ with us! xoxo

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