My Favorite Shows!

I may not watch T.V much, but I make an exception for these 3 shows!



I love this show! Shawn and Gus (those 2 guys) are hilarious! Especially Shawn. Now on its 7th season, it is still as funny as ever! The basic overview is that Shawn is super observant he tells the police (and anyone else he happens to meet along the way) that he is a psychic. He gives them enough reasons for them to believe him. Shawn along with his childhood friend Gus as well as Detective Lassiter and Juliet (not sure if I am spelling their names right.) solve mysteries the funniest way possible. Promise me, you will love this show!



This is a no brainer, everyone loves this show nowadays! And for good reason! Ok, the overview for this one is a little more complex… Emma is convinced by her son who she put up for adoption to go to the town of Storybrook.In this town the characters of fairytales are trapped! (Gosh I am about to sound like the back of a book.) Can Emma save the people of Storybrook? Will Emma even believe her son’s story? Ok.. Well that description didn’t sound the best, I am not very good with overviews. But this is a very exciting show that I love. I hope you do too.



This is a brand new Marvel show! I am a total Marvel Comics fan, they are what taught me to love reading! I have seen every Marvel movie out there, but my reading is lacking. X-Men is my favorite, I can’t wait for the next movie! Anyways, this show is great!! And I know I have been using the same adjectives for all of the shows, sorry. This show is on ABC every Tuesday 8\7 central, thats today! Sadly I have to buy the episodes on iTunes… Well, its worth it! Until I find another way!

Dinner is ready and my stomach is growling if you have any comments about the shows I mentioned or have suggestions of your own I would love to hear them! Have a great Tuesday and rest of your week!


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