Attachments By Rainbow Rowell, First Impressions and Characters! (FFBC!)


I am so excited to start this! I was a little sad that I couldn’t find any fan art, that is one of my favorite things to do when I am reading a really good book. Look at the fan art! Lets get this post started!

My favorite character so far is Sam. Ok, I know that when we learn how Lincoln and Sam break up its going to be heartbreaking and I won’t like her anymore. But for now she is my favorite character. I like her because for one thing we feel the same about college, I want to find my major and find and go to a pretty college! Also I like how she just takes charge and helps others that she cares about. Like when she made the THINGS LINCON IS GOOD AT list, she was trying to help someone she cared about the only way she knew how. And I try to do that all day, I help others the best way I can even if I do come out bossy I know that I am helping. I just wish I could find a nicer way to do everything…. Some people just need a push.

 I love Beth! How could you not? I would love to be her best friend! I would be a little (but not a lot) like Jennifer… We would both work at a newspaper and she would make me laugh the whole day! And I would try to support her and cheer her up about Chris and just be overall awkward!

One of my favorite quotes is actually I have a two…

“It was good enough for me.” “Then why have you been trying so hard to change it?” (I am reading this on my kindle it says it was found on pg. 82. Not sure if that is the same as it is for the book) I think that sometimes you need to ask yourself this. Well, at least I do. Sometimes it feels like I am trying so hard to change things when I am actually happy. I look into colleges and dream about moving into a bigger house where I can get my own room. But I sorta like where I live, don’t get me wrong. I would love to have my own room, but I like my neighbors (most of them that is) and I live in a pretty place. So why am I trying so hard to change it?

“Money is a cruel thing. It’s the thing that stands between you and the things you want and the people you love.” (Pg. 32) I think that this quote is scary true. How far will you go for money?

If you want to see the Duck and the Owls post click HERE. This was really fun! And I am loving the book, it just makes you want to laugh out loud. I always read it with a smile on my face. I have moved Pinterest pictures to Saturday for the next two weeks and will be posting FFBC (Forest Friend’s Book Club) posts! I hope that everyone has had a chance to go pick up this book! If you want to keep up with the FFBC read up to chapter 60 for next week’s Friday post! Have a great Friday, it’s finally the weekend!

I found this really cool website all about Attachments HERE


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