My Take on an Inspirational Post…. Dunt Dunt Daaah!

I met with my teacher today! It was a little awkward… Defiantly my fault, as usual! But looking at the bright side, I got some writing done and a plan! I am a slightly organized person, you couldn’t tell the from my messy desk. I call it organized chaos. Anyways, I am a planner. I make lists for everything, and notes I am defiantly a note person.

It was sort of scaring me in a way. Writing. I just knew that I wanted to write, and I knew that I just had to sit down and grab a pen and some paper. I overthink most things, I thought of the big idea. The famous ending. Not how you get there. You don’t just start off amazing at everything, you aren’t famous or anything in the beginning. It takes work, lots of it. It took me awhile to figure that out, is starstruck the right word? So, thanks guys! Some comments and my english teacher let me know, in the nicest way possible, that you have to start of small. You work your way up in everything, you are never just handed the best things in life. You work, the bad things come to you and you fight. You build a bridge and get over the bad things you work around them, and you move on. I know I am not making sense, I don’t most often. And I like that about me. Now I really am crazy, accepting it is where it starts!

Now, my plan! It’s not much of a plan. I am going to start writing short stories. 3 paged adventures. I am excited! I was told that everything starts off with an idea but it is up to you to make something out of it. I will a bunch of short adventures and one day they will create the premiss for a novel and I will be ready then. I hope. I knew along, I just need to start writing and stop thinking! Which is harder said than done, I am an over-thinker. But I don’t think thats too bad…

So… My Take on an Inspirational Post. Feel inspired? Ha šŸ™‚ I follow a lot of great blogs that just make me want to go out and do something. Thats what this post is sorta supposed to make you feel. And I want to reassure you that everything is going to be okay. Go listen to music and start at the roots of your problem. Work your way up. Thats the only way to go. Multitask without going over the top. Mostly listen to music, everything is better with a soundtrack! Have a good Thursday and read up on Attachments! I think that tomorrow everyone is posting their ideas about the book, I will as well and have some kind of link to others posts as well! I am excited! šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “My Take on an Inspirational Post…. Dunt Dunt Daaah!

  1. That’s great! šŸ™‚ I’m glad to hear it.
    Writing, though, is always easier with a prompt. So I highly recommend these websites:
    Every Friday, they hold a competition called Friday Flash Fiction. On Friday, they release the prompt and before midnight you must submit a fiction under 1000 words to win. Winners get a little prize (a pen :D) and the honor of being posted on their site.
    This one is harder because thousands of amateurs and professionals are competing. This site lists job offers and calls for submissions. Basically, literary journals, where most of us get published, are always looking for stories to fill their pages. You might not win, but you will get a lot of ideas and practice.

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