Pinterest 10!

Pinterest 10!

Hi Guys, hows your Saturday been going? Mines been great, I went to an open market and to the library! Even though I am in the middle of two amazing books, both by Rainbow Rowell. Eleanor and Park and Attachments! Rainbow is one of my new favorite authors! After I finish both of these books I will have no more Rainbow… *Tear, tear* I was also really sad because I had a lot of pictures picked but when I placed these three together they looked good. Starting from the left, is an awesome outfit! I love long skirts, even if I do trip on them! I love twirling in them and watching the skirt flow up, it makes me feel like a dancer… Then I trip. Also, who doesn’t love a fedora in an outfit, and strips for that matter? And I love those glasses… Moving on! That quote, I need to tell it to all of my classmates. I am known for jumping up and down repeatedly when I hear good news. Like when I do well on tests or very basic and happy things! I just get this rush of energy and have to jump… The sun is just so cute! I found a lot of sun pictures, this one was my favorite!

Have a good Saturday! Sadly tomorrow is my last day of freedom. Before the torture of second quarter starts.. *tear, tear*


4 thoughts on “Pinterest 10!

    1. You have made me jump for joy, and Attachments! I am fangirling so much right now… Chapter 59 and on is amazing! (I love you Lincoln and Beth!!!) My pinterest is… One second I have to go check it… Aubrey Jain. I don’t know, I just like that name. What is yours? I want to follow it as well! 🙂 Ok, I am going back to the wonderful world of Attachments!

      1. I know its terrible, and not part of the whole book club. But I just finished the book…. But I won’t say a thing, I promise. I hate people who tell me spoilers about books. Movies I can handle, but not books! I even wrote myself some notes before reading past 60! XD Thanks! I can’t wait to go check out your boards! 🙂

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