Music Lover…

In my house there is noise in every room. The living room has the T.v. going on with some cartoon and the kitchen as well as my room has music on, all the time. My room is always filled with music being blasted out of my stereo! I love my stereo, it’s a multi-color-changing box. That plays music! I like it because it charges my iPod while it plays music, that is a must for my stereo. Well, I’ve had this stereo forever so… I don’t have much chance to be picky.

I love Pandora. I have the app on my iPod and iPad, I listen to it all the time. I have not upgraded to Pandora 1, I don’t really care about the commercials. I like it because I get… Bored with songs really fast. I mean, I will always like them but I like hearing new music. I have heard that there are better music radios, I don’t know what they are but I am fine with Pandora. I know it can’t be helped but I hate the fact that it needs wifi! My room has the worse wifi, stupid because I use it the most! So sometimes Pandora doesn’t work… And the fact I never know what station to set it too. I put in a station but I always end up not liking it and I have such an odd taste in music that it’s hard to think of a better station.

Sometimes I get a song stuck in my head, don’t we all? Ohh, I hate when I get a cartoon song stuck in my head! I’ll just start singing in class and everyone will be looking at me like I am weird! And I guess I am… But I am not insane, even if I do start singing Gitchi Gitci goo wa! (Phinease and Ferb) Lately I have a Paramore song stuck in my head. From the abulm, Riot! We Are Broken. (We are broken. What more do we have to do to regain our innocence?… Something like that.) I am a huge fan of Paramore!

Some of my other favorite artists are…

Lorde, I love her Tennis Court and Royals

Lana Del Rey

Elle Goulding

Artists are hard… Lets do songs!

I’m Not Yours by Angus and Julia Stone. (This song has also been stuck on my mind. But no matter how many times I hear it I always forget the rythm) Big Jet Plane by them too.

Two is better Than One by Boys Like Girls

Wake Me Up by Aviccii

This Love Will Be Your Down Fall by Elle Goulding

Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John (I really like this one.)

I have a lot more but Pandora is giving me grief. And I am lazy… Sorry. Have a good day!




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