FFBC Week 2!


I am ashamed to say that I could not stop after chapter 60, I finished the book already! But don’t worry! I have read the other posts and made some notes, I promise no spoilers!

This weeks post is about our feelings on Jen and Beth, Will Lincoln ever meet them? Is Beth good for Lincoln?

And… We learn how Sam breaks Lincoln’s heart. Yep, I hate her now. I knew that I would but my FIRST impression of her was that she was pretty cool. So not thinking that now. Gosh! Why would anyone in their right mind break up with Lincoln? He… He just always complimented her and supported her. He would do anything for her. Sam was the center of his world. And she brought it crashing down. Crashing. Ok, moving on to the questions!

I like Beth more. Sorry Jen, you’re wonderful too. But Beth is… A girl I would love to be best friends with. I know I said this last week, it just has to be repeated. Beth is that amazing. She supports her best friend and her jerk of a boyfriend. Chris, I hate him! Beth should just kick him out, he doesn’t love her… Well, not the way that he should. She deserves someone like Lincoln. (Don’t we all? Not that I’d know…) Which answers the second question. Yes, I think that Beth and Lincoln would be perfect together. Not only because I am a hopeless romantic and a fan of Lincoln and he likes her. I would love for them to be together. They both have been hurt by boy/girl friends that they thought would be with them forever. They made them the center of their worlds. Yes, I do think that Chris will end up hurting Beth. Which makes me hate him even more. Ok, something really important. Should Beth and Lincoln be called Becoln, Betcoln, Linth, Bencoln? I had a hard time thinking about it. I like Betcoln (Bet- koln) I don’t know…

The Duck and the Owl nearly broke me heart with their post. What if Beth and Lincoln never meet? Or meet on the LAST PAGE? I like the last page option better, but still I need… I happy ending! Where they start dating, Lincoln says something cute and Beth says something hilarious (as usual). And if Rainbow makes them meet on the last page that better be the best page of the whole book. No pressure. (pressure, pressure, pressure!)

Yeah! Everyone will read the end of the book. And then we can all fangirl! Have a great Friday (finally!) and weekend! I am going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow! I’ll try to take some pictures, it is actually really cool! And the farm has the best lemonade, it’s in jars and tastes super good!


5 thoughts on “FFBC Week 2!

  1. I love this post! AH! I agree that Beth and Lincoln would be perfect together. ROWELL YOU BETTER PUT THEM TOGETHER, YOU HEAR ME?! *ahem* Anyways, I’m not going to be able to stop at Chapter 60. I paused to write my post and now I’m off to finish the book! Sam better stay away….

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