Pinterest 11!

Pinterest 11!

At least I think it’s 11…. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. It was a little crazy. standardized test prep class, possible school tour, manipulative book ( I am re-reading the Divergent series before this Tuesday when Allegiant comes out! Only 2 days and I still have all of Insurgent…) And I went to this kiddy haunted house. I went there instead of the pumpkin patch, but at least I got to see my friends! And we watched World War Z…. The whole time we made fun of Brad Pitt’s “luscious hair”. The movie was more gruesome than horrifying.

Anyways, back to Pinterest. Isn’t that the cutest picture? I love dogs, sadly I live in a small house. I hope the quotes show, I like to doodle. And put different flowers together and grass into combinations. I don’t show anyone but I like to think that someone will see one of my flower combinations or stumble upon one of my doodles and smile. The other notebook quote is so true for me. I think I have ranted about notebooks before… I like to type stories or my writing but I write lists and ideas on notebooks. I have this cool London one with New York on the other side. I am always on the lookout for cute and sorta cheap notebooks! I love that outfit combination…. I found a few cute ones that I am saving for next week’s post. I love the boots, and those socks look comfy… I love the color of the dress, and the purse! I always have a messenger bag. So that I can carry my books, whats the point of a small bag? You can’t carry a book, or even a notebook, who knows when you will be waiting and just thinking. I wish I had my book!

I am really excited! (As usual) The Duck and The Owl have made their Sunday Sweets and Smiles public! I will be creating a new post and collage for this!
Have a great day and week, I will try to post my SS&S today!


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