Sunday Sweet’s & Smiles!

Sunday Sweet's & Smiles!

Lookie! I posted it, I honestly didn’t believe in myself!

1. Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John. I know this song has been out for awhile, but I listened to it on Pandora and now I am obsessed. The music video is pretty cool, in my opinion the girl’s hair should be drawn a little better when she moves her head…. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Chai Tea at Starbucks! I like the hot version of this drink a little better than the iced. It tastes like the perfect Fall drink, a little pumpkiny. I don’t like the Chai Latte, it has too much… Spice. The tea is perfect though… And usually I don’t like tea, I like this drink! I have gotten it a lot this week… And I got my friends to like it as well!

3. Allegiant is coming out on Tuesday!!!!! I know I already said this (a million times) but it got my smiling when I realized it! I think I realized it on Thursday and started re-reading Divergent on Friday! No one understands… No one has read the book, everyone thinks I am crazy! But who cares, I am!!

4. I believe you also know that I love funny animal pictures. I wasn’t sure which one to post, but then I looked at that cat again. Poor poor funny cat… XD

Thanks Duck and Owl for the great idea and post!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Sweet’s & Smiles!

  1. That entire PB&J album is good. It’s what I listen to when I paint the rooms in my house… it infuses some kind of Scandinavian indie pop joy into the walls.

    Darn it… now I’m craving Starbucks.

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