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I have heard of Goodreads before but I never created an account. If you have looked at my blog recently (Anytime after a few minutes ago…) I added the widget! I just decided, why not? So I checked out Goodreads, I love it. I really don’t know what I was thinking about not making an account… I know have a very, very large to-read list. That keeps on growing and growing. If you have read any of the books I have added to my list, it’s on the right side of my blog, please comment me what you think of those books! I like reading other’s opinions before I read a book. Just no spoilers!

I was surprised at how… Organized and how many books were on Goodreads! There are so many options, and so many books to chose from! It seemed like the suggestions would never end. That’s kind of amazing! And it really organized, I mean very easy to navigate. I was on for only a few minutes but was able to see a wide variety of books. It really interests you in a bunch of different books. Who knew there were so many different types of art books? And they have comic books? Sweet!!!

No I have no idea why I posted this. Yes, I am crazy. Yes, I am really wanting to go back to Insurgent so that I can try to finish it before tomorrow. Yes, I know that it will be impossible. No, I am not going to stop trying. Yes, if I don’t finish it by the time I have Allegiant in my hands I will just skip to the back. Yes, I know that’s bad. Yes, I am going back to my book. Bye and have a great day, tomorrow Allegiant comes out so I probably won’t post… Unless it is a fangirling post that is short and brief with lots of exclamation points…


2 thoughts on “Goodreads!

    1. I know, it was my 2 time reading it. And I finished!!!!!!!!! I was so and am so proud if myself!! And now I am annoying everyone at school because I am so excited to get Allegiant!!!!! 🙂

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