The Pressures of Life

Okay, isn’t that an inspiring tittle? I am loving Allegiant, I had to tear myself away. I am not sure if it’s just me and that I have over… Fantasized it but Veronica Roth’s writing doesn’t seem as.. Spell binding as her other 2 books. I like Tobias’s point of view, it’s not what I expected it to be… This just gave me a new idea! After I finish Allegiant I will post a spoilers review, it might take awhile. I am a slow reader but I read a lot. Okay, moving on to this post that I just thought of 5 minutes ago while reading other’s posts….. Lets get started!

Life is full of pressure. Now, this post may take you back to your ummm….. Rough teenager years. But I am sure that adult life, or the age were your no longer a teen (and from what I hear, thank goodness for that!) but not quite like the adults around you. This is knowledge based on posts I have read, comments and conversations I have had with some adults. Maybe I am wrong, it their a time when you know how to do everything well? To make the good decisions that adults are associated with? I don’t know, hopefully I will get to that age. Now, no more sidetracking!

Life is full of pressure. The pressure to fit in. To do well in life. To do this and that. To get through the day. It changes your opinions when you ask yourself, is this what everyone else will do? Or maybe you have broken away from that trapping thought path maybe it’s just, is this ok is society? Or something along the lines, I had a better way of saying it and then forgot. And you thought that the tittle looked so sophisticated….. I am just saying, there are a lot of things that occupy your mind. Pressure is stressful. You (or at least me) feel like you have to live up to everyone’s opinions of you. At school I am a completely different person. I think that is true for people, you try on and act like a different person at different social settings. You try to adjust yourself, but sometimes you lose your true self. At school, people (who don’t know me well) think I am some… Try-hard is my tittle. A person who turns in her work on time (the horror), who studies for tests and enjoys reading! My friends think I am…. Some weirdo with an optimism thing going on, but who also says… Deep or odd things. I don’t want to know what they think of me, I am just glad that they stick around!

Ok that mundane paragraph was about the pressures of social life? I don’t know the point of this post is that it’s ok to feel stressed. People often think to highly of people and that person hates to let them down so they jump over hoops to exceed. Or perhaps you feel that a person doesn’t think highly enough of you, and you stress yourself out trying to go above and beyond. Or maybe you just don’t stress, that must be nice. Ok, the point is that there is so much stress and pressure in life. Pressure to blog a post each day (which I have trouble with) To make good posts ( I try) To finish your book and to read. To do well in school. To not let people down, I seem to have made everyone around me think to highly to me. My teachers think that I should go to the most prestiges schools that are known for their high amount of work level. I don’t know if I agree with them I just know that I don’t want to disappoint them. I hate disappointing people.
Have a good day and rest of your book! Read good books, like Allegiant!!


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