Be nice, be quiet!


I live life being friends with everyone. Yet, I am not the popular girl. I hang out with my gang of weirdos, and I have the best of time. I mean, I try very hard not to exclude anyone. I think that this is good way of life, the only way I know how to live. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like people, I dislike a LOT of people. This means that I don’t speak out my opinions. Or, I don’t say what I am REALLY THINKING and just sorta skim it. Not exactly insulting them that they die of shame or anything just expressing my feelings. And never to their face. Wow. I sound like a gossiper, I have been feeling like this for awhile! And I hate it. I know what it’s like to be the butt of a joke, I have been there. I try to be that one person that you can turn too. I don’t like this one little kid who keeps talking with me, but I smile and pretend that she is my good friend. Maybe that is bad, but… I know that she and others are lonely. Been there felt that. I want to be the friend I wanted when I was young and outside of the group. I want that person that I wished every new kid would be.

Lately I have let my opinions be known. There is a new girl in my class who has joined my gang, I just don’t know if we know where her loyalties lie. I think I offended her by being really rude in a text. And I know that sounds bad. I sound like those “girls” in almost every reality show and shows and movies like that. I know and I feel bad. I shouldn’t have said it.

The point of this is to be nice to everyone. I firmly believe in the saying, you don’t know know what battles other people are fighting, why not make their day and be nice? Why join all the other bad things that have ruined their day? And sure I don’t agree with the way some people take out their anger, but I don’t have to be like them. Why insult someone, when they could possibly ruin your day like you for them? I believe that being mean will just bite you in the back as time goes on. And you do learn things about people by just being plain nice, you could get a best friend. You work to become friends and to stay like that. I also know that everyone has off days, I don’t smile everyday. I may be mean some days. I try not to be mean most days, I want to be known as a good person. I also know that… Not nice people are not always bad. I am just saying that this is how I live and I think that it is a good way to live.  Be nice, be quiet! And have a great day, tomorrow Friday!!!


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