FFBC- The End of Attachments!


I can finally fangirl!!

(asdfghjk!!! Ahhhhhh ahhhhh eeheheheheheheh!) *jumps like a crazy woman* Oh wait, I am crazy…. *jumps like a Taylor* Much better! Or….. *jumps like a fangirl* Anyways you get that I was and am jumping for joy. Ok getting past jumping…

It’s over! Hmmmm… Final Thoughts…. I have read almost every Attachments Final post, and basically all of them said things like that the ending was unrealistic. Fuzzy, quick, fluffy and so on. If you read the book you’d have to agree, it was. The fangirl and hopeless romantic in me loved it. I didn’t even begin to think of how out of character it, I was to busy jumping and making weird noises while speed reading through it.  Yeah, I don’t really analyze books. I take them as a whole, no matter how terrible that is to be considered by other bookworms. Sorry, I suppose I ain’t a true bookworm. I enjoy reading and that’s all that matters. And I do think about it after…. After I think of all the cute romance scenes and other dramatics. No, I am not making any sense, and thats ok!

Back to Attachments. Something I like about this book club, out of the many things, is that it forces me to really think about the book. Which if you haven’t gotten from my rambling paragraph, I don’t do. The ending was very quick and fluffy. I wish that Rainbow Rowell had made the ending a little slower, added more pages and made it more believable. Not only is making out at a theater completely out of Beth’s and Lincoln’s character it was unrealistic. Sometimes Rainbow’s writing reminds me of fanfiction, fluffy romance (or at least what I read) for romantics. Not novel writing. But don’t get me wrong, I am a Rainbow fan!!!

My heart was jumping when I read the part…

Don’t be surprised if he tries to dance with you at our wedding…” Beth stopped talking abruptly. When Lincoln looked over, she’d turned her fact to the window. 

“I’ll dance with your dad,” he said, setting his hand on the back of her neck and brushing her cheek with his thumb. “As long as he leads… I’m not much of a dancer.” 


(Beth) “I didn’t know love could leave the lights on all the time. Do you know what I mean?” “Not really” …. And then….

“I thought it took more naps,” she said, struggling to find the right words. “Or blinked. I didn’t know it could just go on and on and like this without falling off an edge.” Wait for it…. 

(Beth) “I didn’t know someone could love me like this,” she said. “Could love me and love me without… needing space.” 

And then it ends….

“There’s no air in space.” 

AAahhh!!!!! Gosh dangit Chris!!!! How could you make Beth, awesome and strong Beth feel like this? Afraid to mention weddings, thinking love takes breaks and all that! And the wedding!!! How could he say that?! That little…. Beth should have kicked him out a long time ago! I think everyone agrees. I laughed at the wedding part, how does Lincoln alway know what to say? Even if it is awkward…. Some of the best things are.

Now I will leave you with that advice. Stay awkward, stay real! XD Wait… Two more things!

Thank you the Duck and Owl and Fox and Rook for putting together this amazing book club, picking out the first book and bringing us bloggers closer together! The next book we will be reading is…


You Are Not Like Other Mothers is the story of Else Krischner, a free spirited mother of three sons. The novel spans the first half of the 20th century, from World War I through the Jewish Else’s exile in Bulgaria during World War II. Multi-layered and epic in scope, the narrative incorporates numerous sub-plots and secondary characters to provide a richly rendered portrait of 20th century Europe.” – Goodreads 

This is not a book I would normally read. It feels like a jump out of my comfort zone, not just a step…. I guess I try to stick with fluffy romance… But I am still excited to read this book!


2 thoughts on “FFBC- The End of Attachments!

    1. I had a lot of fun, and having fun in your book club! Thanks for starting it!! 🙂 I have started following most of the blogs in the club, it’d interesting to hear what everyone says!!

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