Monday Sweets and Smiles, week 2!

Monday Sweets and Smiles, week 2!

I had a lot of fun doing this last week, and I forgot yesterday to post soo…. Monday S&S! Thanks The Duck and the Owl for this fun idea!!

1. Under the Never Sky! I just picked this book up at the library, today actually, but I have been reading some of the Goodreads comments and I am very excited!!!

2. Teenvogue…. Guilty favorite. I don’t know, I love reading these! XD I am trying to read it very slowly, but I am going to be done with it too soon….

3. The school bus. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a…. I love school girl. I mean, I like learning…. Anything other than math. But, this whole week I got early for parent/teacher conferences, that was awesome! And my teacher complimented me and said I should go to the top schools in my state… Also the most expensive and hardest to get into, but I will try my hardest! Who knows what will happen?

4. I got a new iTunes gift card!!! I have been on a shopping spree!!! I just love music!

Tomorrow, or another day soon, I am going to try do some type of review. I am not very good at that type of writing, but I need practice! I have been researching on the job of entertainment editor/writer. Yep. Beth! XD Not the only reason I started doing research, just a big one…. It sounds like a fun job…


3 thoughts on “Monday Sweets and Smiles, week 2!

  1. I just looked up Under The Never Sky on GoodReads, think I’m going to be adding that one to my already huge to-read list now.

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