Autumn Tag

This sounded like a very fun idea from Beth at her blog, Beauty in Beta! Thanks!

Favorite thing about Autumn?

Hmmm… The drinks at Starbucks, and the food! And pumpkin carving parties, my family always throws one! It was on Sunday, I carved a pumpkin with Odd. I like it, even if it is boring!

Favorite drink?

Chai tea, hot.

Favorite scent?

Vanilla and pumpkin. Maybe not together, but they are both really nice! I like the smell of honey too….

Best lipstick?

I really am not a fashionista or a picky person. Except with food. I like lipstick that is not to dark or bright. Just something shiny….

Go to moisturizer?

Orange something from Bath and Body. I forgot! I love the smell of citrus!

Go to colors for the eyes?

No clue, not a makeup person… Yet. (dunt dunt dahh!)

Favorite band/singer to listen to?

As you know, I listen to everything and anything. I am in this Lorde faze. But I am always in the mood for Paramore!

Favorite outfit to wear?

Shorts with a fun shirt! Usually the shirt is simple or floral.

Autumn Treat?

The pumpkin scones from Starbucks! ❤

Favorite place to be?

Coffee cafe! With wifi and good, sweet coffee drinks!!!

This was really fun! I suggest that everyone try this!!!


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