My Try at a Book Review…. Allegiant!


I know, I talk about Allegiant way to much. What? I am a huge fan of the Divergent series! I can’t wait to see the movie, I hope they make a movie out of the whole trilogy!


I was waiting for this book for a long time, you know that. I think I may have… Thought too much of it. Made Veronica Roth’s writing better than it was. But, I am a fan of her work, don’t get me wrong. I just felt that at some parts in the book it was written wrong or not as good as her first two books.

And as much as I loved hearing what Tobias had to say, and it was essential that it was written in both his and Tris’s point of view unlike the first two books. They did different things, and of course in the end… I just felt that Tobias was… Weaker than he sounded in the first two books. Maybe other’s don’t agree with me. But I felt that his fears controlled his world. Maybe I am not reading into it as much as I should have.

Tris. She IS probably one of my favorite main characters. I love Tobias too. But during the book series we, the readers, got too see how she grew up. Learned to take care of herself. Fall in love. Learn the truth about her world and herself. I think that the ending as sad as it was, was necessary. It wouldn’t have been as believable, something bad had to happen. Veronica wouldn’t have everyone get a happy ever after. No, as so many other reviews have said, she wanted to make the readers feel something. She wanted to move us. And I think she did.

All in all, I loved this book! 4 out of 5 stars because some of it was a little spotty. I didn’t really like how they resolved the problem, I wish there had been a better solution. I liked the epilogue, it was needed. This book, like the first two, had lots of action and romance. As well as heart break!

I would love to hear your opinions about Allegiant? Disagree with me, do tell!


5 thoughts on “My Try at a Book Review…. Allegiant!

  1. I definitely agree that some parts weren’t as good as the previous too books, I didn’t really like the logic about why the Bureau were doing the things they were, it just seemed pretty week to me.
    I really liked that we go to read Tobias’s point of view, he’s my favourite character. Can’t wait for the films but this ending of this one is going to be so hard to watch, I think we’ll all need tissues at the ready.

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