Pinterest 13

Pinterest 13

Hi guys! How was your Halloween? Mine was great, I don’t know how I will ever eat all of my candy! And I went with my friends from school, best Halloween ever! Except my best friend of 10 years and I both ditched each other for friends we would much rather be with….. And now I don’t feel like talking to her because I know what happens next. Or maybe I think it’s to late. Because it is. Happy thoughts happy thoughts!
Writing week! I know it is already 4 days into the month, but I just started writing! I don’t know if I am going to write all the words for NaNoWriMo, but I will finish my book! Speaking of books, I finished Under the Never Sky and Through the Ever Night! They were awesome, I can’t wait for January and the next book! I will write a review on Monday, SS&S tomorrow!

I really like that drawing, and chai tea! Have a good day and weekend! And while thinking of tags I came across NaNoBloPoMO, a post a day! I know I have already botched it, but from now on! A post a day, I can do this!


3 thoughts on “Pinterest 13

  1. Good Luck. 🙂

    Personally I think NaNoWriMo and NaNoBloMo are recipes for burnout but if that’s your goal go for it. Just remember that good habits are more important; rest too. Binge writing is not very healthy. My own goal is to post on my blog five days a week until I graduate (2 years to go!) and probably beyond. The free weekend helps me to recharge and be ready to write.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I think that I need the challenge, I need the extra push to create a habit. A habit of writing, I know it is terrible but I always get distracted with a story and never finish them. This forces me too. 🙂

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