My Problems with the Rules of Happiness


Everyone has seen something like this. Goody goody things that sound nice but are ultimately impossible. Sorry, I am not on optimistic mode. So, I am going to rant about happy sayings. Another picture is, people are going to judge so why care? Something like that. You will always remember mean comments. You can’t just ignore the bad ideas about you, behind them is a slim of truth. But, knowing me there is always a flip side of the coin, I know that some people are just haters. We are told that they are just jealous or angry at the world, that’s why they are ruining their day. By making you feel worse, saying comments that will always echo through your head, they are in some way making themselves feel better. Messed up world, huh? But it never works…. My moms a counsellor, I get this a lot.

Can you tell what my day has been like? There is this annoying boy in my class, no he doesn’t like me, I don’t like him. This is not his way of telling me he likes me because he is a failure at words. No, he is socially adept. That means he has no social skills right? He just has this way of stringing words together and making them hurt. And I know that he doesn’t have much of an idea that what he says hurts, but still! You are talking to a girl, an emotional hurricane. Think before you comment!

You can’t erase hate from your world, bad comments will always bring you down. I think that the solution is finding a place where you fit in. Others will always make comments, but you can have people who will stand up for you. Or run away with you so that your thoughts don’t consume you. But you can’t always find people, I know that. I don’t really know the answer to that, never answered it myself. What I did was to find a healthy addiction. Reading. Watching a tv series. Blogging. If you don’t like the world your living in, change it. Create a new one.

The others. The thing is, you will always have high expectations. You will always really want something that never happens. Of course you learn too not trust that person. To think less of everything? Is that really happiness? Maybe you could focus on the good things in life. But basically the bad things will always bring you down. Unless you change the way you see the world. But never lose who you really are. My parting words of wisdom. And have a great day and sorry for the depressing post!


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