Weekend Pictures!

Weekend Pictures!

Hi guys, how was your weekend? Happy Veterans Day! (I suppose it’s not supposed to be happy but more… Sad in remembrance.) So… basically I stayed up late watching my cousin sing on stage until about 11 and than I slept in and read. I finished Daynight, it was really good! And I just started You are not like other mothers, defiantly out of my comfort zone! But I am ready for an adventure!!

I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of blog posts to read! I will be doing that and reading the book! And I am super happy, the second book for Daynight, Arbitrate, is free for Amazon prime members!!! So I get to read that after I finish the quota, and restraining myself from reading on, for the book that has a long title… 🙂
Hope you have a great day, I will be working on Pinterest after my reading!


One thought on “Weekend Pictures!

  1. Glad you enjoyed daynight. I think arbitrate is even better, I’m still thinking about it three weeks later. The first picture looks delicious.

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