Pinterest 14!

Pinterest 14!

Today is 11-12-13, I think that is so cool! I went on a pinterest spree yesterday and the day before, I had a lot of quotes and a lot of fashion pictures. It was very hard deciding what to put…
I love the blue quote, that is so me. I am awkward, I never say the right things, I try to look good but I never really look the way I want myself to look like, I get left out. Ever just read something and just think, that is so me? That sums up what i’ve been feeling. Thats what I felt like while picking that picture…
That dress! It is so cute! I just wish I wore more dresses and had more cute boutiques closer to where I live…
Castles. They are very pretty castles.
And last but not least, another one of those quotes… I love quotes. I wonder…

Have a good day! I am planning on doing a bucket list tomorrow, they sound fun! Have a good rest of your week and if a quote has been on your mind or sums of up all of those feelings feel free to comment! Always feel free to comment! 🙂 And I want to make a cute header that says Odd Land of Me, make the blog more original! Thoughts and thoughts…


2 thoughts on “Pinterest 14!

  1. Love both of those quotes! I got confused when you said it was 11/12/2013 but then realised that in the US and UK we write our dates differently, it won’t be 11/12/2013 here for another month yet.

  2. Oh, really? That is so cool, I was just trying to think of the differences between the US and the UK, as well as a few other countries, i’ll add time or just date? To the differences list! I think different countries and different things in general are so fun to learn about!

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