Bucket List!

I know that everyone knows that there is a lot I want to do. I think that is good, I like having goals and dates to look forward too. And no I don’t mean those romantic ones, I am talking about dates when movies come out or books… Without further ado- My Bucket List.


1. Travel, see everything

2. Learn something new everyday

3. Fall in love and get married

4. Go to college

5. Read Into the Still Blue

6. Find and do a job I love and enjoy

7. Get and decorate my own house

8. Learn how to drive

9. See a movie by myself

10. Go whale watching (why not?)

11. See the Eiffel tower

12. See the Northern Lights

13. Do something spontaneous

14. Start a snowball fight.. Wait. See snow.

15. Go on a hot air balloon

16. Drive or bike or walk anywhere without a destination in mind

17. Pass math! (haha, good one!)

18. Live to see Cancer cured

19. Change someone’s life for the better

20. Be happy, happy, happy! (Check!)

Wow… I admit for looking at Pinterest for suggestions and there is a lot! There is just so much to do in this world! 🙂 Have a good day and ain’t that pug just adorable? Even if I am not much of a pug person I can still find cuteness in cuteness.


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