Why, Hello there!

The interview was today and it went really well!!!! I think… My interviewer was an english teacher! I mean, what are the chances? And he was a very easy person to talk to. I mentioned that we were going to read Catcher in the Rye and it turns out that it is his favorite book! The whole time he was making little comments here and there about it. When he asked who my hero or person I looked up too I said John Green. He was the first person to pop into my head, and who wouldn’t want to be more like him? Or write like him? The school campus is wonderful, I am trying not to get my hopes up but I fear that it is too late for me! The school would be a very vigorous school and very hard too get into… Oh well!

I hope that you don’t think less of me for saying this but….. I don’t that You Are Not Like Other Mothers is my type of book. And I know that I said that I was excited to try something out of my usual circle of books. But then I got a John Green book (Paper Towns) which I started reading. I am sorry to say that I will not be continuing the book. Sorry. I will put it on my shelf for another day. 🙂 And I am planning a book review for Paper Towns!

I got Ever After in the mail from Netflix! I loved that movie as a kid, yep! I was that kid…. I just love those type of movies! So, I will be watching that! Have a wonderful weekend!..


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