wan·der verb \ˈwän-dər\
: to move around or go to different places usually without having a particular purpose or direction

: to follow a path with many turns

: to go away from a path, course, etc.


Over at The Duck and the Owl they had theme week. Last week, I meant to do it but forgot so I am doing it now!

Wander is a rather odd word, you have to admit. There is something about the word that feels special. Wander, Wander
I’ve said it so many times in my head that it doesn’t sound like a word anymore. But anyways, to me there is something prolonged about the word. You can’t help but say it slowly, making the word last. And wandering is slow and perhaps thoughtful. Some people believe that everything in life has to be in a specific order. That you have to do this and then this to ever accomplish anything in life. Some people like routine and never take a different rode to work or try a new type of drink. I am sometimes pulled or perhaps I revert back to the comfortable world of comfort. Of knowledge and safety. At Starbucks I usually have the same thing because I know I like it. Ok, I am just rambling now. On a small scale that’s fine, but some people don’t want to do the same thing everyday. They are Wanders, capital W. They travel on different paths, taking turns and trying new things. They wander around libraries in a new section just to try something new. If anyone has read John Green’s Paper Towns, Margo Roth Spiegelman is a Wander. Wanders are the best types of people, in my opinion. They are people who don’t stick with the norm, they might wear something crazy because the usual rules don’t apply to them. Or they just don’t care. They are following there own path. Most times they are carefree and go wherever the wind takes them. Wanders have the best stories because they have wandered somewhere worth telling about. Wandered into an adventure because they were willing to take the chance.

I think that’s great. But Wanders aren’t daredevils or anything. I may be writing about something completely different and maybe this isn’t what Wander means. This is what popped into my head when I thought about it. I think that Wanders are people who don’t try to plan their life. Maybe they do but they don’t… Become ruined or anything when life doesn’t go their way. They wander into the new challenge and live life. They also are people who don’t know what they want to do. So, the wander. They try new things in search for their path, and sometimes they even leave that path. I think that they best word (well, 2) for Wanders is free spirited. Have a good day and don’t be afraid to be a Wander!



One thought on “Wander

  1. As I wander the winding road I wonder…

    The pronunciation of “wander” is as long as the action it describes, like a big yawn. Actually the words “to wander” and “to wind” share the same origins and often referred to the movement of the mind.

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